Wall & Roof Solutions

Our sheeting panels are designed to withstand the most rigorous temperature and weather conditions. They are easy to install and are maintenance-free. Our roofing products are PPGI, PPGL and BGL sheets; made of environmentally friendly material from world-class raw material suppliers. These are zinc or zinc/aluminum alloy coated to resist corrosion, peeling, and flaking.


Cover Width: 1030mm
Thickness: 0.30 mm to 0.80 mm
Standard Colors: Light Blue, Taurus Blue, Turquoise Blue, Mist Green, Dark Green, Brick Red, Off White, BGL, etc.

Sheet Crimping Machine

Our state-of-the-art sheet crimping machine provides strength and flexibility to our products, allowing us to custom-design and manufacture solutions as per the client's needs.


Cover Width: 1030mm
Thickness: 0.30 mm to 0.80 mm
Standard Colors: Sky Blue. Dark Blue. Blue, Mist Green. Caulfield Green. Brick Red. Off White. BGL, etc.

Slitting Machine

Varying gauges and thicknesses of metal sheet and strips are processed on our machines to fulfil a wide-range of applications.


Thickness: 0.3 mm to 1 mm

Deck Sheeting System

Our deck sheeting systems use precision presses for accurate depth and shape variations. These are generally used for Mezzanine floors in metal buildings to suit loading requirements for offices and storage facilities. They typically weigh 35% less than reinforced concrete slab. without sacrificing strength and durability.


Cover Width: 915mm|
Thickness: 0.80 mm to 1.60 mm
Standard Colors: Pre-galvanised

Press Brake Machine


Thickness: 0.3 mm to 0.8 mm
Length: 5 Meters
Products: All Accessories
Production Capacity: 5 MT per Day

Cold Formed, HR & Galvanised Sections

Technically called Purlins; fixed on top flanges of the rafters.


Profiles: Z & C Sections
Thickness: 1.5 mm to 2.5 mm
Web Depth: 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm

They overlap at the ends to act as continuous beams.

Anchor Bolts & Threading Machine

Down take Pipe Machine